"Software is the magic thing whose importance only goes up over time" - Bill Gates

Software Development

Helping busiensses to auotmate the profit

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Custom Software

Creating Digital Solutions for over 5 years.

Creating digital presence

Run Your Business the Way You Want

Optimize your business processes with custom software and applications

We lend a hand in running your business, exactly the way you want. We develop custom software depending upon your specific business needs and requirements. No matter how simple or complex your specifications and needs, we work toanalyze every aspect of your business processes to be able to develop and code a software that’s made for you.

  • HTML5 , CCSS3, Bootstrap ,
  • JQuery, Angular JS, PHP
  • Java, .Net,
  • Oracle, MySql, SQLight


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Web Portals

Brings information from diverse sources

Web Portal Development

We build custom web portals for marketplaces, auctions, real estate, news & broadcasting, media & entertainment, and social networks and communities.

We build custom web portals for businesses to help them integrate their current systems on a single platform for easy access by their customers.

We offer business portal development, B2B portal development, B2C portal development, portal solutions, design, and content developmentat a cost-effective rate for the potential growth of your business and convenient customer communication platform.

At Ferrosia, we put in significant efforts at every level of development of a multi-dimensional portal. From architectural design to GUI design, DB planning, coding and middle tier integration, we strive to go extra miles to develop each stage just the way client desires!

Web Portal Design:

Cost reduction: Cost reductions in Web Infrastructure and Administration, Training, Communications, Travel.

Improvements to your business: Improved Customer Service, Collaboration, Productivity [self-service], and Time-to-Market.

Agent for Change: Break down silos and modifies the disrupted intranet architecture.

Organizational Unification: Brings together many internets, some obtained through acquisition into a single coherent interface.

High ROI: Portals allow realizing (Return on Investment) in information systems and reducing the cost of operations. They improve employee productivity and produce more significant results with limited personnel resources.

Mobile app develoment

  • Objective C - iOS App
  • Java - Android
  • Xamarin - iOS & Android


SaaS Product Development

Software as a service can change the way you do business


Have an idea for a cloud-based SaaS solution? We know how to build fast and reliable cloud-based products. Our team has the necessary skill set and technology stack to provide the best SaaS development services.

Your idea could be something other businesses are looking for. We can help you turn your idea into recurring revenue by developing a Software-as-a-Service platform.

SaaS Characteristics

Saas model characteristics are similar to how a bank protects the privacy of every customer while providing confidence in its services to rely upon it. A SaaS model features similar characteristics.A SaaS model is supposed to provide similar services to every user while securing access to their personal information without official authorization.

Easy Customization

The ability for each user to easily customize applications to fit their business processes without affecting the common infrastructure. Because of the way SaaS is architected, these customizations are unique to each company or user and are always preserved through upgrades. That means SaaS providers can make upgrades more often, with less customer risk and much lower adoption cost.

  • Objective C - iOS App, Xamarin - iOS & Android
  • Java - Android


Systems Integration / API

Subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software

Application Programming Interface

API management software allows users to create, document, manage, and publish application program interfaces (APIs) in a secure development environment. These tools help automate connections between an API and applications using it. They also help administrators to monitor connection consistency, traffic, and security.

Save time with synchronized, real-time data across all your platforms. We can help provide solutions to connect your data points better, streamline business processes, and tie all your systems together.

APIs have a multitude of internal and external uses, and to realize their full potential, they must be able to connect to a wide variety of data sources, including those in-house, and in private and public cloud applications.

online shopping

  • Asp.net CMS Magento, Shopify, Woocomerce, PHP, Mysql


Legacy Software Modernization

Improved User Productivity, Adaptation to the Future, Reduced Costs

Magento, Shopify, from scratch

Legacy Software Modernization Matters

Secure your company from a possible loss by future proofing your legacy software.

Depending your business on legacy software is one of the most dangerous threats to a business that may cost high bucks in case of application failure.

Legacy software modernization looms large on the market’s radar screen. It is not a simple modernization procedure. Instead, legacy software modernization involves modifying the width and breadth of business by generating a new engine to run it.

Ferrosia provides legacy software modernization service to improve the way a business operates with advanced technology.

online shopping

  • Asp.net CMS Magento, Shopify, Woocomerce, PHP, Mysql



Creative & State-of-the-Art Solutions for Your Business

  • Track your tasks and events
  • Never lose your data
  • Organize your tasks
  • Sales forecasting
  • Marketing tools
  • Doing more with Less

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our Customer Relationship Management technologies will empower any size of organization with a full customer relationship solution for managing sales, marketing, customer support and other spheres. Our proposed solutions will help you and your teams identify and optimize sales and marketing opportunities, track and resolve customer related issues to deliver satisfactory service to your clients.

  • For large, midsized and small  businesses.
  • Efficiency
  • Collaboration
  • Scalability
  • Integrated Information
  • Streamlined Processes

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Ferrosia coders can easily develop customizable ERP solutions tailored to every next customer’s requirements. With our ERP service, we can improve your business operation. This involves tracking daily activities, reduced manual procedures, IT expenses, and inventory errors.

Desktop App
  • Automation development
  • Process running
  • Software automation development
  • Test Automation

Desktop app (Windows, Linux, Mac OS )

Ferrosia provides effective and user-friendly desktop application development service by coding unique desktop software to achieve organizational goals in the so-competitive business market. May it be a window, Linux, or Mac OS, ferrosia develops on every platform to automate and organize your business procedures for increased employee productivity. Moreover, we are experts, funding in-depth analyzation and solutions on complex parts of our client’s projects, i.e. (testing, QA, project related specific tasks, etc.)

Desktop App
  • Automation development
  • Process running
  • Software automation development
  • Test Automation

Mobile App (Android, IOS, Windows, Xamarin)

Our team builds mobile applications that deliver a fast, robust performance on multiple devices. May it be an Android, IOS, Windows, Xamarin, we develop on every platform. Our coders work at analyzing client’s business nature first. This helps them develop the best-fit piece for their business operation.


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