Video Content Marketing can Help Customers Solve Frequent Pain Points

One of the most compelling actions you can ask a visitor to your website to do is to press play to watch a video. Today’s web surfers are used to consuming video content and as a marketer you can use this to your advantage. Using video content marketing to create compelling pieces of information can expand your reach to a new audience while giving you a dynamic method for promoting your goods or services.

As with any other type of marketing, you need to be focused and disciplined in order to have success. A video content marketing strategy should take into account who your target customers are, which problems they are looking to solve and what types of videos they want to watch. You don’t want to flood your website or video sites such as YouTube with low-quality videos with little relation to your customers. Instead, you want to focus on high-quality videos that help customers solve frequent pain points.

There’s a good chance that you have little to no experience writing, shooting or editing video content. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have great videos promoting your business. Ferrosia is a video content marketing agency designed to help small and medium sized businesses tap into the online video space. With minimal budget and time commitment on your part, we’ll create videos for your business that address your key messages and connect with current or potential customers.

We’ll handle every part of the video process. This starts with working with you to develop a calendar of potential topics. From there, we’ll write a script that touches on the important aspects of any topic we’re covering. Our team can make sure that the video is shot and editing so it looks professional and is something you are proud to have associated with your brand.

Video marketing is about more than just outreach. It’s also a valuable SEO tool. Search engines such as Google value on-site video content and videos posted on video sites like YouTube more than ever. We’ll make sure that all of your video content is created and deployed with your website’s SEO in mind. From encoding to meta tags and placement on your page, your videos will help you rank higher for your important keywords.

Contact Ferrosia today to learn more about our video content marketing solutions. We understand how powerful video can be in promoting your brand and want to see you get started as quickly as possible.