Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

According to one report, Americans spend three hours a day doing things other than making phone calls on their mobile devices. A large percentage of people use their mobile devices as their primary method of surfing the Web, checking social media sites or getting work emails. Companies that are lacking in effective mobile marketing strategies are losing out on the ability to reach a large portion of their potential customer base where they spend a majority of their time.

Ferrosia can help you to expand your current digital marketing to reach mobile users. Our mobile marketing strategies for small business are proven to be effective at connecting your brand to people on their smartphones, tablets and other devices. We understand that you are dealing with a limited budget – a frequent reason that many businesses choose to ignore mobile marketing. We make sure to keep our rates low enough so that any brand can feel comfortable launching a mobile marketing campaign.

Having a mobile marketing campaign is difficult if your website isn’t optimized for mobile environments. The first thing we do with all of our mobile marketing clients is to review their current website to make sure it has a modern and responsive design that will look great whether it’s viewed on a desktop or a smartphone. If it isn’t, we can handle the design and coding to make the site attractive to viewers on all platforms.

Once your website is set, we’ll work with you to develop mobile marketing strategies to reach your current or potential customers. For example, we can come up with plans to target customers who are local to your business with special coupons and other offers. If you do mobile marketing in Los Angeles, it’s not as important for you to reach mobile users in New York. Even doing things like making sure that coupons and sales are the first thing people see on your mobile site can play a big role in getting new customers via mobile devices.

There really is no limit to the number of tactics we can come up with to suit your business’s mobile marketing campaign. But the only way for us to know which tactics are right for you is to learn more about your business and your marketing goals. Contact us today for a free consultation. You can speak with our team to learn more about how we develop mobile marketing plans and see how we can put you in the best position to reach out to mobile customers.